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Provide your managers and executives with outstanding leadership skills to realize your company’s Mission, Vision, and Values. Peak Performance can lead activities setting Goals and Vital Few Objectives and can help you with specific situations such as leadership changes, plant turn-arounds, production capacity right-sizing and mergers.


Manufacturing Leadership Development

7 (Half Day) Modules

Delivered once a week for seven weeks.

Today’s leader must be versatile and adaptable. Effective leadership results in everything from increased workplace productivity and employee retention, to improved succession planning and, ultimately, a better bottom line. In this course, participants will develop skills relating to Trust, Respect & Credibility, Goal Setting & Execution, Coaching & Mentoring, Team Work & Team Building, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, and Delegating Effectively.


Designed For:

Managers, department heads, front line supervisors, team leaders and coordinators whether they are new to the position or have been in a leadership role for years.


4 Disciplines of Execution

4 (Half Day) Modules

Delivered over two consecutive days.

There are numerous courses on strategy but few on execution. Executing goals and managing day to day time constraints are by far the greatest challenges in business today. Aligning the organization with your most important objectives is a constant moving target. This course provides the principles, tools and skills training necessary to execute flawlessly again and again. In addition, tried and true time management tools are presented for dealing with the day-to-day “whirlwind”.


Designed For:

Team leaders, supervisors, project leaders and managers.


Team Skills Series

4 (Half Day) Modules

Delivered over two consecutive days.

Teamwork is a crucial skill in the manufacturing industry and being able to work well with others is essential, regardless of your role. Team building is vital to an efficient workforce and employee retention, yet it can be difficult for manufacturers   to encourage a culture of teamwork. After completing this course, participants will be able to build better work relationships within the team and promote more effective communication between team members. All modules incorporate a related team building activity.


Designed For:

All levels within an organization, regardless of role.


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