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Process Effectiveness

& Control


Process Effectiveness & Control

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Effective use and application of process discipline and control will lead an organization from high cost and poor quality to consistency, then statistical process control. Tools and applications used in this dimension include: Standard Operating Set Points, Change Control, ISO, SPC, 8-D Approach, DMAIC, PFMEA and Experimental Strategies.


Six Sigma White Belt

3.5 Hours

Delivered over one half day.

The Six Sigma White Belt Certification is an entry level class that will introduce participants to a Lean and Six Sigma overview, along with the DMAIC process improvement roadmap. After completing this course, participants will understand how the two methodologies work in synergy to implement an overall process improvement strategy.


Designed For:

All levels within an organization, regardless of role.


Design of Experiments

3.5 Hours

Delivered over one half day.

Learn how to use designed experiments to achieve breakthrough improvements in process efficiency and quality. Discover Design of Experiments (DOE) methods that guide you in the optimal selection of inputs for experiments, and in the analysis of results for processes that have measurable inputs and outputs. Realize that process changes made as a result of statistically designed experiments typically result in more efficient processes. This  workshop includes a combination of classroom presentation and hands-on exercise.


Designed For:

Technical professionals, engineers, technicians, process improvement practitioners and technical managers, or anyone tasked with process or quality improvement.


Six Sigma Yellow Belt

7 Hours

Delivered over one day.

This workshop focuses on basic process improvement skills, including process mapping and problem solving tools. Participants will become well versed in foundation elements of six sigma concepts and how to apply them in projects.


Designed For:

Team members who will support projects such as operators, technicians, team coordinators and front line leaders.


Total Preventative Maintenance

6 (3.5 Hour) Modules

Delivered once a week for six weeks.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) programs have been proven to help workers (from plant-floor employees to senior executives) incorporate maintenance into the everyday performance of a facility, detect maintenance problems earlier, "mistake-proof" equipment and reduce breakdowns. After completing this training, participants will have the tools to launch, lead and sustain a systematic equipment and maintenance management improvement process and ensure alignment with overall Environmental, Health and Safety goals.


Designed For:

Production and maintenance supervisors, team leaders, coordinators, technicians, engineers and department heads.


Six Sigma Green Belt

8 (7 Hour) Modules

Delivered twice a week for four weeks.

Learn how to collect data, understand data collection methods and analysis, analyze root cause problems, and implement solutions based on data. This class includes a combination of classroom presentation, hands-on exercises and a process improvement project for your organization. After completing this training, you will have the skills needed to lead Lean Six Sigma process improvement projects, work on teams led by Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and help your organization implement Lean Six Sigma effectively.


Designed For:

Technical professionals, engineers, technicians, process improvement practitioners and technical managers, or anyone tasked with process or quality improvement.