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Focus on the value-added processes and improve cycle time by eliminating waste. Peak Performance can provide Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Visual Management, Kanban, Level Loading, Kaizen Events, Standardized Work and Set-up Reduction. Maximize your labor efficiency and asset utilization while minimizing work in process.


Lean Tools

7 (Half Day) Modules

Delivered over three and a half days.

Lean principles and lean tools have a very important role in various industrial sectors in today’s manufacturing world. The core idea of lean manufacturing is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste in the manufacturing process. In this course, participants will learn some of the most useful lean tools to use as part of a comprehensive lean implementation plan, achieving goals centered around reducing waste, improving efficiency and increasing customer value. Participants will engage in a factory simulation for applied learning which will enable them to connect the tools to the hands-on experience.


Designed For:

Operators, supervisors, team leaders, coordinators, technicians and engineers.


Implementing Lean Manufacturing

6 (Half Day) Modules

Delivered over 2-4 weeks.

Simply put, lean organizations are customer-focused. Although the concepts behind Lean manufacturing are simple, they can be challenging to implement in our complex, ever-changing work environments. After completing this course, participants will have the tools to provide a structure of a new way of thinking for your organization and launch a successful implementation of Lean Manufacturing. There is required work between modules and this training includes project time and consulting.


Designed For:

Supervisors, continuous improvement leaders, technicians, engineers and department managers.


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