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Improve Quality Inspection with AI Driven, Real-Time Insights

Peak Performance and MARINER bring solutions to your factory floor, improving quality and reducing costs by providing quality, process and training, ultimately making deep learning your organization's competitive advantage.

We enable businesses to plan, implement, and train your teams to achieve operational excellence armed with the insights to make data-driven decisions at every stage while proactively monitoring performance and driving continuous improvement.

Intelligently Minimize Defects & Reduce Costs

Spyglass Visual Inspection harnesses the power of image recognition, IIoT, and AI to help manufacturers improve product quality while significantly reducing the costs associated with manufacturing flaws.


Enable Greater Visiblity

Enable greater visibility - use predictive analytics and root cause analysis to drive improvements across multiple lines or sites.


Leverage Existing Vision System

Get more value from your legacy hardware by augmenting it and customizing it for your specific needs.




Easy implementation and ramp-up enables immediate process improvements and a rapid return on your investment.

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