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PEAK Workforce Training Center

A cloud-based training platform designed to help employers create a safe workplace, increase productivity, and meet tomorrow's workforce challenges.

Issues Employers are Facing


Hiring & Retaining

44% of manufacturers are struggling to fill jobs and retain employees. Your best recruitment strategy is employee retention.


Workplace Injuries
& Illnesses

The estimated cost of work injuries and illnesses is more than $1,100 per worker due to lack of safety training.


Low Productivity & Employee Morale

85%  of employees are not engaged in the workplace and site training and development as a major reason why.


Lack of Safety & Compliance Training & Reporting

74% of manufacturers find interrupting work hours the biggest obstacle to providing training.

Need help determining which courses are right for your employees?

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The PEAK Workforce Training Center provides employees with engaging online learning content, delivered on any device.

Our cloud-based solution gives your employees access to a variety of safety, harassment prevention, leadership and industrial skills training courses, on-demand, on their schedule.

Individual Training Plans with Engaging Course Formats

Customizable Reports for HR Managers & Safety Managers

Mobile Device Compatible with Select Courses in Spanish

Option to Easily Integrate Sign-In with Many HR Platforms

Ability to Add Custom Course Content

Training Provided by Experienced Manufacturing Industry Trainers

The PEAK Workforce Training Center Solution

Our cost-effective training solution addresses employers' most common challenges and ensures your employees are safe and compliant.

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Increase Your ROI

OSHA estimates that employers pay almost $1 billion per week for direct workers’ compensation costs alone. By investing in safety training, companies are saving $6 for every $1 spent.

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Recognized Achievement

Personalized dashboard with access to badges and certificates earned, leaving employees feeling a sense of accomplishsment.

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Improve Safety

Mitigate risk by ensuring safety requirements are met and promote a culture of safety within your company while decreasing rates of injury.

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Reporting Made Easy

Simple, customizable reports available for HR Managers and Supervisors to easily track progress and compliance of required training and career milestones.

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Upskill & Retain Employees

Lower unwanted turnover by providing engaging development and training opportunities with clear milestones while upskilling employees to keep up with the rapid pace of technology.

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On Demand Access

Learning opportunities available to your workforce to access online, on-demand, on any device, giving your employees the ability to improve their skills and immediately apply them to their job.

Leadership & Communication
Product & Process Innovation
Chain Management
Health & Environmental 
Process Simplification
& Lean
Performance Metrics
Organizational Effectiveness
Process Effectiveness & Control

Operational Excellence

All Training in One Place

The PEAK Workforce Training Center not only helps your employees stay safe and compliant, but also offers an array of online and instructor-led courses in various operational and industrial skills areas that are the building blocks for any employee to improve their competence and achieve peak performance.

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Control Systems
Computer Systems
Electrical Systems
Mechanical Systems

Industrial Skills

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The best way to reach all of your employees is already in their pockets.

Train your employees, including those without access to company email, right on their mobile device.

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Let Us Be Your
Training Provider

In 2021, the average employer spent $1,433 per employee on training costs. Did you know that a subscription to the PEAK Workforce Training Center is less than 10% of a typical overall training budget?

Want to see what the PEAK Workforce Training Center can do for your business?

Watch our short demo video and explore the features it has to offer.

Trusted by Clients Big and Small

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Ready to incorporate a training platform built for your workforce?

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