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Leadership Upside Podcast

Chuck Carringer's Leadership Upside podcast is the place where he discusses what successful leaders are DOING, SAYING, and THINKING.

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Episode 17: Operational Excellence with Denise Rice

Jul 13, 2021 • 29 mins

In this episode, Denise Rice, President & CEO of Peak Performance, joins Chuck Carringer to discuss key principles in achieving operational excellence and how her journey in the manufacturing industry evolved from a plant manager to a business owner. Denise discusses her vision as a business owner to ensure plant managers have the tools they need to develop a skilled workforce and how her company is helping businesses across the country re-open safely after the pandemic. 

Denise also touches on what a career in manufacturing means and how it has helped her gain valuable experiences while sharing knowledge and lessons learned along the way.

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Episode 26: Manufacturing Today & In the Future with Mary Beth Hudson

Sep 15, 2021 • 20 mins

In this episode, Mary Beth Hudson, Executive Director of Smart Factory Institute at Peak Performance, joins Chuck Carringer and shares about collaboration, smart technology in manufacturing, building trust in leadership and more.  Mary Beth takes a deep dive into how the first U.S. based Smart Factory Institute went from concept to preparing to open on October 1st, how it will operate and most importantly how it will benefit manufacturers not only in Tennessee but across the southeastern United States. As a manufacturing leadership professional for over 30 years, Mary Beth also discusses her thoughts on some of her most deeply held beliefs in regards to leading others.


Women Transforming Manufacturing Podcast 

DH+ INSPIRE's Women Transforming Manufacturing is a regular podcast and video series dedicated to highlighting and celebrating the women who are helping drive innovation, setting leadership standards, and achieving incredible business results in the world of manufacturing.


Episode 17: Operational Excellence with Denise Rice

Mar 02, 2021 • 25 mins

In this episode, Denise Rice, President & CEO of Peak Performance & Manufacturing Consultant to the Tennessee Manufacturers Association, sits down with DeanHouston+, and  discusses her progression throughout the manufacturing industry – including what drew her to the industry and her thoughts on the future of manufacturing. Whether you’re a leader in manufacturing or you’re just looking to learn more about the industry, you’ll want to hear this episode to learn about the challenges of adapting and implementing new processes and procedures after COVID-19, the importance of problem-solving in manufacturing, and how the pandemic has pushed Industry 4.0 in the forefront and what that means for manufacturing. 

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