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9th Annual

Peak Performance Symposium

For manufacturers, by manufacturers.


7:30am - 9:00am: TN Manufacturers Association Roadshow
9:00am - 12:00pm: Peak Performance Symposium
12:00pm - 2:00pm: Lunch & Duracell Plan
t Tour

Smart Factory Institute @ PIE Innovation Center
2215 Parker Street NE, Cleveland, TN 37311

#SmartFactoryInstitute #MakerNation

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About the Event

Maintaining Competitive Manufacturing Operations Through


The Peak Performance Symposium is a yearly event that is held for manufacturers, by manufacturers where leading industry professionals share and discuss manufacturing best practices and speak on a variety of topics relevant in today’s advanced manufacturing environment around how manufacturers are maintaining a competitive advantage in the areas of trade, technology, and talent.

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This year's event will be kicked off with the Tennessee Manufacturers Association Annual Manufacturing Road Show. As the statewide manufacturing association, the road show presents a unique opportunity to connect manufacturers and highlight important policy, economic, and operational topics impacting manufacturing. All symposium tickets include this kick-off event!

Get ready for an exclusive adventure – join us for an exhilarating plant facility tour of Duracell in Cleveland, TN! Tickets for this behind-the-scenes experience are limited, secure your spot now by registering early.




TMA Roadshow


TMA Roadshow + Symposium


TMA Roadshow + Symposium + Tour


Event Schedule



Tennessee Manufacturers Association Road Show

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Symposium Opening


Welcome & Opening Comments

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Denise (Rice) Hall

President & CEO, Peak Performance Inc.

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Panel Discussion


TRADE | Interstate 75: The Lifeline Fueling Manufacturing & Logistics Success

Interstate 75 serves as a major transportation artery, connecting several states and regions across the US, running from Miami, FL to Sault Ste. Marie, MI, passing through major cities such as Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Detroit. Its extensive coverage, proximity to manufacturing hubs, connectivity to other major highways, and accessibility to ports and airports make it an essential transportation route. This panel will discuss how I-75 supports the manufacturing sector and facilitates economic growth in the region.

Speaker_Doug Berry.jpeg

Doug Berry

VP of Economic Development, Cleveland Bradley Chamber of Commerce

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Speaker_Brad Maul.jpeg

Brad Maul

President & CEO, East TN Economic Development Agency

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Breakout Session I


TECHNOLOGY | Shining a Light on the Future: Eaton Corporation's Industry 4.0 Lighthouse Program

Dive into the specific features and benefits of Eaton's Industry 4.0 Lighthouse program.  This includes a discussion of the program's focus on data analytics, automation and the Internet of Things (IOT), as well as the benefits that Eaton has realized through the program, such as improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

Speaker_Karthik Iyer.jpeg

Karthik Iyer

Plant Manager, Eaton Corporation

TALENT | The New Collar Worker: Upskilling Your Workforce for the Future

Industry 4.0 technology and process advancements are changing the nature of many manufacturing jobs to the point that most workers will need to possess a combination of attributes or characteristics currently found in manufacturing operators and technicians. As organizations adopt Industry 4.0 technologies and processes, workers will be expected to gain additional responsibilities needed to interact and work with these advanced technologies. This presentation will focus on the future requirements around Knowledge, Skills and Abilities needed in the New Collar worker.


Josh Summers

Director of Training & Consulting, Peak Performance Inc.

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Chris Cunningham.png

Dr. Chris Cunningham

UC Foundation Professor of Psychology, University of Tennessee Chattanooga

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Breakout Session II


TALENT | Second Chance Hiring: Strategies for Manufacturing Leaders

Moderated by: Denise (Rice) Hall, President & CEO, Peak Performance Inc.

With approximately 1 in 4 US citizens having a criminal record, it has become imperative for manufacturers to learn how to recruit, hire, onboard, and integrate justice-involved individuals into their organizations. Learn valuable insights and best practices from two experienced HR Managers who have successfully implemented second chance hiring programs. Gain an understanding of the importance of considering individuals with criminal records, regardless of the severity of their crimes, and the benefits they can bring to manufacturing companies.

Speaker_Wendy Harris.jpeg

Wendy Harris

Inmate Program Operation Manager, Hamilton Co. Sheriff's Office

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Speaker_Trey Shoemaker.jpeg

Trey Shoemaker, SPHR

HR Manager, Komatsu

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Speaker_Carri Smith.jpeg

Carri Smith

HR Manager, Valmont Industries

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TECHNOLOGY | Crafting the Core of Industry 4.0: DENSO's Innovative Program

DENSO's Innovative program is a cutting-edge initiative that leverages the latest technologies and best practices driving innovation and improving manufacturing operations.  

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Speaker Coming Soon


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Panel Discussion


TECHNOLOGY | Smart Manufacturing for Less with Affordable Industry 4.0 Solutions

Moderated by: Ben Stone, Director of Smart Factory Institute, Peak Performance Inc.

Hear about solutions and best practices that manufacturers can use to implement affordable Industry 4.0 solutions.  This will include a discussion of low-cost sensors, cloud-based platformans and open-source software as well as the benefits that these solutions can provide.

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Speaker Coming Soon


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TALENT | Breaking the Chains & Empowering the Workforce by Redefining Childcare & Elder Care

Childcare and elder care are two critical issues that can impact the productivity and well-being of employees in the manufacturing industry.  This panel discussion will explore the challenges that manufacturers face when  it comes to this issue and provide insights into effective solutions for addressing these issues.

Jennifer Andrews.jpeg

Jennifer Andrews

Director of Early Childhood Strategies, Chattanooga 2.0

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Speaker_Dana Glenn.jpeg

Dana Glenn

Director of Licensing, TN Department of Human Services

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Speaker_Dan Rosenberg.jpeg

Dan Rosenberg

Senior VP of Human Resources, SK Foods

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Plant Tour


Lunch & Duracell Plant Tour

For 'Manufacturing + Tour' & 'Non-Manufacturing + Tour' Ticket Holders Only | Tour will depart at 12:15pm

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Smart Factory Institute Technology Partners

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