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Healthy Business Series

Committed to keeping industry healthy, informed and open for business.

"We were the first business (in California) to be certified by PEAK Performance as a “Healthy Business”.  This certification helped us to keep 110 employees working throughout this pandemic without one contracting COVID at our medical manufacturing facility; very few ever got it away from work!  We are proud of our workforces’ response to fighting COVID and doing our part to keep the supply chain moving!"

Leslie Lopez, Controller

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Do you have a plan in place for your workplace to combat infectious diseases? Are you compliant with providing the required training to your employees on how to safely work during an outbreak, epidemic or pandemic?

Peak Performance is now offering a two part series to make sure your business and your employees are certified to know how to operate safely during a pandemic.

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Workplace Certification


Workplace Infectious
Disease Prevention

2 Hours | Self-Paced & Virtual, Instructor Led

Part 1

Certification Providers


Course Description

The Workplace Infectious Disease Prevention course introduces employees to the basic practices of identifying, reducing, eliminating and reporting hazards associated with their work.  This training is designed for a for company COVID Coordinators, Safety & HR professionals or any company leadership who is wanting to understand what policies and procedures that they need to adopt to ensure a safe and healthy workplace and remain in compliance.

Participants will become familiar with the standards and regulations that OSHA, the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have set in place to make sure all employees function in a healthy work environment.

Part 1: Online, Self-Paced Learning (1 Hour)

Participants will be sent a link with instructions for assignments to be completed on their own time before Part 2.


Part 2: Virtual Instructor-Led Learning (1Hour)

This virtual class will allow you to review the Infectious Disease Prevention Plan template and give you time with the instructor to answer any questions.

Certification Details

At the completion of this course and after submission of your business’ prevention plan, a Healthy Business Certification will be issued by the respective certification provider.  Certification is good for one year and must be renewed annually.

Already a Certified Healthy Business and Need to Re-Certify for 2022?

Recertification is very important as both federal and individual states are issuing more specific guidelines. To re-certify, a business will need to complete the 2 hour training, review and update their Infectious Disease plan. 


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TN Chamber Certification Seal



Certification Seal

Employee Certification

Employee Infectious
Disease Training

1 Hour | On-Line, Self-Paced


Part 1

Certification Provider

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$39 | $59 | $99*

*Tier Pricing in PEAK Workforce Training Center

Course Description

Employee Infectious Disease Training provides your employees with need to know information about how to safely work during an outbreak, epidemic or pandemic.  Your employees will understand best practices on how to operate making sure everyone stays safe, healthy and confident about your business. 


This course is intended for all Americans, whether you work in an industrial setting, office or retail store, or want to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your home. Operating during a pandemic requires all of us together to practice cleaning and sanitizing, proper PPE usage, social distancing and other daily habits to reduce our risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19.  

Certification Details

At the completion of this course employees will be awarded a transferable certificate within the PEAK Workforce Training Center.  Certification is good fro one year and must be renewed annually.


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Employee Certificate

Portrait of male factory worker standing

Are you a business outside of Tennessee, 
New Jersey, or Indiana and want to find out how to certify your workplace and employees under our Healthy Business Series?

Contact Us to Learn More

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