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Industry 4.0: Tennessee Business Barometer

Written by Denise Rice. Denise is the CEO of Peak Performance and the Manufacturing Consultant to the Tennessee Manufacturers Association.She is a former plant manager with nearly 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry.

The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry in partnership with MTSU performs a business barometer survey every 3 months. This valuable data allows us to track the current outlook among Tennessee Business leaders.

The Overall Business Barometer rose from January of 2017 to a high of 606 in April of 2018. Since April of 2018 we have seen a downward trend with July’s numbers at 428 a 30% decrease.

The columns represent some of the main drivers in calculating the index. While current Economic Situation index remains strong (273) Future Economic Expectations is just half of what it was in January of 2017 (91 vs 181). Business Performance Index (76) has also seen a decrease with the last 3 quarters at the lowest levels since October of 2016.

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