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Building a Culture of Total Productive Maintenance

Joey Stokes is the Director of Industrial Skills at Peak Performance. He is a former maintenance manager and an OSHA Authorized Instructor.

TPM is not just another fad, in fact, it will save jobs that may otherwise be lost, so why does it fail?

To be competitive in today’s global market we must achieve TPM operations and make it our company culture if we want to thrive through Industry 4.0. Total Productive Maintenance is a type of continuous improvement to drive better safety, quality, and efficiency within our manufacturing environments.

Before we can improve anything, we must identify the problems and determine goals and measures. We must get away from our desks, out of our offices, and to where the work is being done. We must understand the process and pain points and then, and only then, can we improve the process.

The operator is the most important person in the plant, but they are often treated like they are the least important. The operator stands in front of that machine for the entire shift. No one knows the machine or process better, so why are they not the first person we ask for advice? We ignore their complaints, so they soon stop saying anything and we lose the most valuable source of information we have. There are no sensors, computers, or programs that can replace this level of tacit knowledge. Instead of silencing their voices, we need to empower them to make a difference. This is the first step, but the most important to successfully building a culture of improvement that will reduce your safety incidents, decrease defects, and increasing efficiency.

Peak Performance wants to help you empower your employees to maintain their production equipment while emphasizing proactive and preventative maintenance and build your Total Productive Maintenance culture. Our virtual, instructor-led training course begins on Tuesday, May 18th, from 9am - 12pm (ET). Registration is open for the full six-lesson series at a discounted price of $999. You may also register for each of the individual lessons for $149/person.

Receive an additional 10% discount if you are a member of the Tennessee Manufacturers Association, New Jersey Business & Industry Association, or California Manufacturing Technology Association. Contact us for a discount code to apply at checkout or if you are a member of another state manufacturing association not listed here.

Register here for the full six-lesson series or Register for individual lessons:

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