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Driving Our Economy Forward: Smart Solutions for Smart Factories Expo

Original article written by Emily Cassulo, Anchor/Reporter, WDEF Channel 12, and reposted with permission from author.

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) — A big group of manufacturers met in Cleveland recently to discuss how to improve the way they run their factories.

Let’s see how the Smart Solutions for Smart Factories Expo is driving our economy forward.

“We brought manufacturers and technology solution providers together, to really be able to talk through some of the issues that they’re having in manufacturing, and how the solution providers can fix that through automation and data collection and the technology that they have,” said Denise Hall, President/CEO of Peak Performance.

“The practical application would be sorting parts of different sizes, coming down a conveyor line, or also sorting parts with defects,” said Emmett Woodard, instructor for Motlow State Automation and Robotics Training Center. “It can recognize colors, it can recognize shapes, it can recognize presence or absence. So those are the practical things the robot can do with a vision system.”

“The automation that they have brought and have on display can really help manufacturers in being able to get the productivity and the efficiencies that they’re trying to achieve,” Hall said. “We are here at the PIE Innovation Center, and this is sponsored by the Smart Factory Institute, which we are trying to bring those manufacturers and the technology solution providers together. And what a perfect location to be inside the Innovation Center!”

“It exposes people to technology,” Woodard said. “Current technology allows them to see technology in operation, and understand the practical applications of how robotics is being used in an industrial environment.”

“Dull, repetitive, dangerous type of applications you don’t want a human doing – robots can do it for you,” said Karl Bentz, sales manager.

“It’s important for them to connect and be able to see what’s available to them because there’s so many options, and making sure that they are aware of what solutions can help them achieve their goals,” Hall said. “My goal today is for our technology solution providers to make some great connections for our manufacturers, to find solutions that they didn’t know before and to really celebrate manufacturing and how important it is to our economy.”

The next Smart Factory Institute event, the 9th Annual Peak Performance Symposium is held for manufacturers, by manufacturers where leading industry professionals share and discuss manufacturing best practices and speak on a variety of topics relevant in today’s advanced manufacturing environment around how manufacturers are maintaining a competitive advantage in the areas of trade, technology, and talent.

The event will take place at the Smart Factory Institute on October 20th, 2023 from 7:30am - 2:00pm ET.

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