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Driving Our Economy Forward: The Smart Factory Institute

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – Helping teach current and future members of the manufacturing workforce how to best implement technology in their jobs is highly important.

The Smart Factory Institute at the PIE Innovation Center in Bradley County is doing just that, and doing it well.

They are just another shining example of things helping drive our economy forward.

Denise Rice of Peak Performance: “Today’s conference is really focused on how do we help people and how to how do we help the employees in the workers learn about technology and be able to implement it in manufacturing.”

Denise Rice of Peak Performance: “but we help manufactures adopt in the technology. And technologies, changing quite often, and we know that it’s really changing the manufacturing industry, but at the core of the technology are people.”

Rene Deij of Schnellecke Logistics: “It’s a market where there’s a lot of competition for the same type of employees for us. We mainly focus on warehouse workers, which is people on foot or on forklift. A lot of other companies in the area, doing the same thing. To try to set yourself apart with certain programs Nowadays it’s there’s multiple job for just one individual. You see people rotate a lot. So you have to be very inventive to make sure people stay on board with you.”

Arlette Robinson of Bradley County Schools: “the PIE Innovation Center is a 274,000 square-foot facility where we bring business and industry, high school and college all together. So Peak Performance is here in our building as one of our tenants, and we work with them so that students can see the latest technologies. And also with a different work skills to get them ready for college and career.”

Denise: “The Smart Factory Institute being located here at the PIE Innovation Center in Cleveland is a perfect fit. We’re very excited to be here. The focus and being able to work with the emergent worker, the students, and being able to expose them to industry. And to… all of the jobs that are available, is an added benefit for us.”

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