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HR Certifications: How They Impact Your Career

Written by Brooklyn Sewell, HR Admin, Peak Performance Inc.

There has been a growing appreciation of the benefits of HR certifications among HR professionals. In a report by PayScale, it was estimated that around 36.4% of overall HR professionals had at least one HR certification. For the U.S., professional certifications demonstrate proof of skills and commitment for their profession and are considered beneficial by both employees and employers in the HR profession. Professional certification is seen as the most valuable credential and can include career progression, recognition, knowledge, and personal achievement.

It has been found that certified individuals become more marketable in their careers and thus provide themselves with more opportunities for new jobs and advancement. For organizational benefits, HR certifications increase collective, up-to-date HR knowledge to increase employees’ confidence at their job, help reputations of the organizations, stimulate strategic working and thinking of HR professionals, and even improve company profitability.

What HR certifications are available?

There are currently two HR certification providers the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Both HRCI and SHRM require educational and work experience eligibility requirements for each certification.

HRCI is an independent nonprofit organization that has been offering HR certificates since 1973. HRCI offers a variety of certifications, with different levels of difficulty based on experience.

With HR-competency input from more than 30,000 HR professionals, SHRM began offering certifications in 2015. Currently, they offer two certifications, one for HR professionals with less experience and one focused on senior-level HR professionals.

Which HR certification provider should I choose?

Both certifications are highly respected among the HR professional field. Data has shown that there is no clear favorite among HR professionals. While there are more individuals with an HRCI certification, SHRM has only been offering certifications for 5 years and is the fastest-growing human resource credential program. Choosing between the two is merely just a preference. It is not uncommon for HR professionals to choose to certify for both, as if you spend time and resources to adequately prepare for one, you should concurrently be prepared to pass the other one. Both certifications will validate an individual’s expertise in human resource knowledge. It’s a matter of simply determining which one is right for you.

Peak Performance is an approved certification provider under both SHRM and HRCI and offers a variety of classes under both. Contact us to find out more information and how we can help you with continuing education credits.

Leave a comment below and let us know how HR certifications have helped your career as an HR professional.

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