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Peak Performance & The Transition Team Announce New Partnership

New Relationship to Enhance Organizational Effectiveness

Chattanooga, TN and Knoxville, TN: Denise Rice, President & CEO of Peak Performance, and Donald R. Truza, SHRM-SCP, CMF, SPHR, CEO of The Transition Team, announced a partnership between the two companies today which is based on their shared mission to help businesses achieve full effectiveness through customized training and transitioning individuals into new opportunities.

The partnership between Peak Performance and The Transition Team brings together the expertise of the deeply experienced trainers and consultants at Peak Performance with the long-standing and proven career transition services of The Transition Team so that businesses can fully understand how to use the right tools, strategies and people to deliver significant results allowing them to achieve complete effectiveness and efficiencies throughout their organization.

COVID 19 is rapidly transforming businesses and their responses to the health, social and economic challenges that they currently face. The collaboration between Peak Performance and The Transition Team will help businesses manage through today’s environment by addressing challenges, such as:

  • The aging of the workforce as experienced engineers and operators retire and new workers need to be recruited and trained.

  • The re-skilling of workers as technology is transforming their jobs.

  • Handling the economic impact and right sizing of organizations.

Denise Rice elaborates, “Businesses today must adapt quickly and transition their people, strategies and methods to meet rising challenges. Our partnership will be able to provide a complementary service by adding Career Management Services to our portfolio of Training and Development.”

The Transition Team’s Don Truza continues “We’re excited to team our 40 years’ experience with such as high-quality firm as Peak Performance. In a downsizing, we coach to heal from the emotions of a job loss and assess each individual, using a variety of tools with proven track records to provide crucial insight needed for greater success in their next opportunity, protecting the organization’s brand and reputation.”

View press release here.

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