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Rice Speaks to City Scope Magazine About How Technology Affects the Delivery of Workforce Training

Denise Rice, President, Peak Performance Director, Tennessee  Manufacturing Association -Technology changes are affecting all areas of business from HR systems and marketing methods to product development and customer delivery. The major changes affecting Peak Performance is in how we deliver workforce development training to our clients. While instructor-led, application-based training is the preferred method, there are a number of technology advancements that have been incorporated to improve the customer experience and ensure the greatest transfer of knowledge. In addition to the methods used to deliver the training, the content continues to evolve keeping up with the rapidly changing technology in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Technology Peak Performance Workforce Development Training

The manufacturing employee of today is more highly skilled as plants continue to improve productivity and reduce cost by implementing improvements and streamlining processes. We participate in trade organizations such as the statewide Tennessee Manufacturers Association to keep informed of trends that are affecting our industry. We also partner with high schools, community colleges, and universities to have first-hand knowledge of what is trending in educating the next generation workforce."


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