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Smart Factory Insitute featured in Innovators of the Scenic City, City Scope Magazine

Original article published in the City Scope Magazine, 2022 Annual Business Issue, featured as an Innovator of the Scenic City.

It's no secret that innovation is vital in the workplace. In fact, embracing innovation is often what separates the most successful companies from the pack. A groundbreaking idea, if executed well, has the potential to improve the way people live and drive business forward, paving the way for the future.

The Smart Factory Institute, operated by Peak Performance Inc., helps area manufactures adopt the newest Industry 4.0 technologies to improve productivity and upskill their workforce to remain competitive. The institute is the nation's first Deutsche Messe Technology Academy, a joint venture between Deutsche Messe and the Volkswagen Group Academy.

" As a former plant manager in the manufacturing industry, I knew that the current technological revolution was rapidly changing the way America manufactured products. At the core of any technical changes people, and how people adapt is crucial. We already have a strained workforce, and the adoption of technology is adding the need for employees to have more skills and a greater span of responsibility. We are passionate about helping manufacturers through this process.

As a company, we innovate every day by keeping up with the changing needs of the industry. We have recently implemented an online training portal that has a mobile app so that employers can easily provide training to their employees without disrupting shift schedules or requiring employees to attend large in-person instructor-led training sessions. Employees can complete the required training on an iPad or mobile phone. This gives employers employees ultimate flexibility."


Find out more about the Smart Factory Institute here.

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