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Symposium to Bring Manufacturing Industry together to Share Best Practices

Ryann Norman is the Product Development & Marketing Manager for Peak Performance. She has a proven track record for implemented training programs and managed relationships resulting in improved business efficiencies and processes.

There is no way around it, COVID-19 has presented a host of challenges and economic hardships over the last 6 months for not only consumers and businesses around the world but for the manufacturing industry itself. Many manufacturers have seen quite an unprecedented year that has been full of transitions as they navigate through rebuilding their businesses and workforces. Additionally, we have seen unusual supply chain disruptions to world trade, millions of people are using new technology as they work remotely leading to an increase in cybersecurity threats, and workers are now performing jobs that require new skill sets. Safeguarding business and workforce health has become not only a priority but a necessity.

Transitioning through these challenges requires us to come together as an industry, share best practices and help each other out to create hope. Together industry can overcome the difficult business challenges that many are facing and we would like you to join us as we come together for the 6th Annual Peak Performance Symposium to do just that.

This year, due to ongoing social distancing measures in place, we will be conducting our symposium as a virtual event on September 25th from 9am - 12pm, EST. Our event will kickoff with Denise Rice, President & CEO of Peak Performance, followed by our Keynote Speakers, Dirk Bayliss, Plant Manager and Andre Nelson, Operations Manager, for MANN + HUMMEL. Both Dirk and Andre are located at MANN + HUMMEL's production facility in Dunlap, TN. MANN+HUMMEL, a Germany-based global leader in filtration solutions for automobiles, industrial applications, clean air interior spaces and sustainable use of water, is investing $15 million and creating up to 50 jobs at its facility in Dunlap, Tennessee. Dirk & Andre have over 50 combined years of experience in leadership, coaching and mentoring through military training, the manufacturing environment, public speaking events and certification through John C. Maxwell. They have both dedicated their professional years to helping businesses and community professionals develop leaders within their organizations with the essential skills needed to lead influence and motivate.

Our Keynote speaker will be followed by our first round of breakout sessions which will include:

How Milliken Leverages IoT and AI to Improve Asset Reliability, presented by Milliken & Company and Mariner. Today's manufacturers have an immense amount of data at their fingertips but when dealing with their most critical assets, how should they be leveraging that data to understand and predict problems before they arise? Hear Milliken's experiences in how they are applying IoT and AI to their maintenance activities.

Milliken & Company is a global leader with worldwide presence serving a variety of industries including healthcare, transportation, building and infrastructure, hospitality, industrial manufacturing and architecture. Mariner provides the Spyglass Visual Inspection and Connected Factory products to manufacturers.

Solutions for Success: Migrating Digitalization & Automation to Achieve a 20% Productivity Improvement, presented by Weidmuller. Industry 4.0 attains to enhance the flexibility and reconfigurability of manufacturing production systems through digital transformation for factory automation. Weidmuller will identify adequate migration techniques to reach a 20% improvement in productivity.

Weidmuller supports customers and partners around the world with products, solutions and services in the industrial environment of power, signal and data.

The second round of breakout sessions will include:

Motion Amplification® Case Study: How AGL Loy Yang Solved a Long Standing Customer Issue on a Critical Asset through Root Cause Analysis, presented by RDI Technologies. Learn how technology can be used for root cause analysis in the manufacturing environment to solve complex and long-standing issues on equipment and machinery. In this session RDI will focus on Motion Amplification, a camera-based full field vibration tool that provides complex analysis of motion in simple to understand videos.   

AGL Loy Yang Power Station with 2225MW generates approximately 30% of Victoria, Australia's power requirements every year and is an integral part of Australia’s national electricity market. RDI technologies vibration monitoring equipment uses motion amplification to pinpoint performance issues with machinery and manufacturing equipment.

The Future IoT and Cloud Computing: What You Should Know and How to Prepare to Succeed, presented by Phoenix Contact. Wireless Technology can bring many enhancements to our operations with a seamless connection between our devices and assets. Different wireless technologies are emerging, and knowing how they can work together will allow users to partake in the full benefits of an IIoT world.  

Phoenix Contact offers industrial automation interconnection in interface solutions.

The Talent You Seek is Already Within Your Community and Your Facilities, Why Can’t You Find it?, presented by YouScience. In WWII, aptitudes were used as a means to quickly identify workers capable of producing planes, ammunition, etc. This workforce was made up mainly of women, young adults and those who could not fight in the war. What if there was a way to use aptitudes to better identify the talent in your community, and find those persons who had the ability to do the jobs you need filled? Learn how YouScience is making that possible, and hear how manufacturers are using these data-based measures of ability to identify local and internal talent.

YouScience's patent pending algorithm combines aptitudes interests in 21st-century careers to make the highest quality career and educational recommendations.

Concluding our session will be our panel discussion. The panel discussion is always a crowd pleaser at this event and will focus on Operating a Healthy Business During a Pandemic. An infectious disease could be the single greatest threat to business continuity, as we have seen firsthand through the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are looking for ways to keep employees, customers, suppliers and their communities healthy. Hear from Dr. Chris Cunningham, UC Foundation Professor of Psychology, Graduate Program Director, Industrial-Organizational and Occupational Health Psychology, President, Society for Occupational Health Psychology, from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga and Edwin Foulke, Partner, Fisher Phillips and former Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA nominated by President George W. Bush, on best practices for developing your companies’ policies and procedures for a healthy workplace.

This year's event is free to all manufacturers ($35 for non-manufacturers) and if registering before September 18th, you will receive a PEAK Collection conference box in the mail prior to the event as a thank you for attending our event.

Register here to attend this year's symposium. We hope to "see" you all there!

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