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Outplacement Services


Guiding You Through
the Tough Times

Peak Performance has partnered with The Transition Team to provide businesses with an array of outplacement solutions which include a full range of career transition services such as executive and group outplacement, facility closures, coaching, trailing spouse/partner programs and an variety of human resource consulting and development services.


We protect your organization's brand and avoid legal challenges during a downsizing by using the right tools, the right strategies and the right people to deliver employee results.

Organization Benefits

Outplacement services provide guidelines and best practices that can save resources that may be expended on organizational and legal costs arising during the layoff process.

Tall Building

Employee Benefits

Outplacement services enable employees to swiftly and successfully transition from one job to another.


Our Signature Services

Effectively transition employees into a new career with an array of services such as:




Downsizing can be traumatic to employees and an organization. Soften the employee experience by supporting them through a transition.



Transition Plans

Outplacement isn't a one size fits all proposition. We understand the unique need for supporting entry level employees up to senior executives with their career transitions and do so through career coaching, resume development, and other benefits.

Moving House

Trailing Spouse/Partner Relocation & Acclimation

Relocation not only affects employees, but their spouses/partners as well. We will firmly support and help these family members transition and acclimate to ensure a successful transition.




Our highly experienced HR consultants give employees the information and training they need to address a variety of workforce challenges, including career development and transition and resiliency.

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"I highly recommend The Transition Team Inc. as a valuable asset in assisting any organization requiring outplacement assistance. I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from our 6,500 staff of their career coaching. They demonstrate an incredible amount of enthusiasm and passion along with strong expertise. They’ve always gone the extra step to help with a professional and pleasant demeanor."

Robert L. Bowers, Executive VP & Sr. General Manager

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