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Helping Organizations Optimize their Investment in Human Capital

Peak Performance has partnered with AlignMark to provide businesses with a systematic approach to align their leadership, people practices and strategy through cost effective solutions.


Through this partnership, we can provide tools and services to assist you in recruiting, selecting and developing your largest investment, your people.

Screen & Assess with Ease

Reduce time pre-screening candidates by 20%.

Keep top performers engaged during your hiring process.

Handle 10-20 times more candidates.

Ensure candidates can perform the job before you hire them.

Our Signature Services

Screen and assess qualified candidates using  the following hiring tools, saving you time and creating a better applicant experience.



Say goodbye to the traditional job application.

AccuRecruiter is a virtual job application solution designed to easily hire team members with the ability to automatically interview and pre-screen applicants anywhere, anytime. With AccuRecruiter, you not only spend your time and effort with only the strongest candidates but are able to slash your screening time while reducing your workload.



360  Multi Rater

A smarter approach to 360 feedback that drive real performance improvement.

Established surveys for front line leaders up to executive leadership, focusing on one thing most other feedback assessments miss, positive behavioral change. Through our process, reports, and personalized feedback and coaching, we’re laser-focused on helping your employees experience real, lasting performance improvement.



See applicants in action before you make the offer.

See them in action before you make the offer. The AccuVision Workforce Readiness System is a unique assessment tool that uses online-job simulation, video, and computer technologies to capture the skills and abilities required for success in today’s individual contributor positions. AccuVision allows you to hire better talent, benchmark against national database, lower turnover and cost-per-hire, and improve ROI.

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"In a short period of time AlignMark’s System has saved us 10-15 hours per month on hiring, and reduced our turnover. We now have one of the most efficient hiring processes, and lowest turnover rates in our entire area, in large part due to AlignMark. Plus, I couldn’t ask for better service and support."

Frank Yurchak, Owner/Operator

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