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Training Your Workforce to Meet Tomorrow's Challenges

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PEAK Workforce Training Center

Engaging Online Learning Experiences for Your Employees. Robust Reporting for Your Managers.

Our online training center allows participants to complete a variety of training courses through our web based platform. Download our mobile app and take training on the go as well.

Healthy Busines Series

As we embark on a post-COVID world, the business community must avoid being put at risk again. We must take lessons learned and implement simple measure to avoid the spread of infectious disease, ensuring our operations have strong business continuity. Our Healthy Business Series can help your business accomplish this goal.

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Smart Factory Institute

The nation's first Smart Factory Institute will soon be opening in Chattanooga, Tennessee, inside the Volkswagen Academy. This facility will provide manufacturers with connections, collaborative relationships and certifications for improving manufacturing processes by providing them access to the latest technology in advanced manufacturing.

About PeakPerformance

Peak Performance is devoted to assisting clients in achieving operational excellence and improving business performance by providing consulting and workforce development training services to businesses across many industries.
Striving for operational excellence is one of the most important contributors to an organization’s sustainable performance and growth. 
Peak Performance understands that a training program is not a one-size-fits-all. Our services are unique as we build our clients’ training from the ground up, customizing the training to our clients’ needs while using real world simulations and experienced instructors from the manufacturing industry.

Achieving peak performance provides the following benefits:

An effective approach to business operations.

An organization that consistently realizes sustainable growth and increasing valuation.

A productive and innovative workforce.

Our Operational Excellence 

Services Encompass Nine Dimensions

The journey to achieving peak performance begins with a framework for developing an operational excellence strategy.
The journey to peak performance for any operation begins with a foundational set of skills that employees can build upon and serves as a basis for supporting additional learning. We offer a solid set of skills training that will not only benefit your entire organization but will also drive the personal success of individual team members.
Today’s industrial revolution is requiring manufacturers to have advanced skills in innovation, digital systems and supply chain network. We understand this need and offer an array of customized training that will equip your employees with a refined set of skills to stay competitive in the global marketplace.
Essential leadership skills are the pinnacle of creating a workplace that elevates all aspects of a manufacturing operation. Achieve peak performance by developing your employees’ skill sets that are necessary to lead and manage in today’s global environments.
Click on any dimension in the pyramid to learn more. You can also visit our PEAK Workforce Training Center to view training classes available for each dimension.

We use customized, modular training offered with flexible schedules to meet business needs, as well as ongoing follow-ups to track improvements.

Our Industrial Skills Services Encompass Four Segments

Today’s production systems require knowledge in Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Technologies.
Peak Performance uses Industry experts to upskill your workforce in ever increasing complex manufacturing systems through our Industrial Skills training which provides customized hands-on application training in Control Systems, Electro-Mechanics, Mechanical CAD and Mechatronics.
Click on each overlapping gear segment to learn more. You can also visit our PEAK Workforce Training Center to view training classes available for each segment.
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Computer Systems
Electrical Systems
Mechanical Systems

Revolutionize your business results by transforming processes into competitive advantages making them leaner, faster, flexible and higher quality.

What Our Clients Are Saying


"Peak Performance was able to design some industrial training that met our needs. The instructor came to us with enthusiasm and a very easy way for our “Adult Learners” to understand and digest the subject matter. The retention of information from the class has been amazing. We look forward to working with Peak Performance again on future educational needs."

Gordon K. Michaud,

Maintenance Training Coordinator, Waupaca Foundry