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Training Your Workforce to Meet Tomorrow's Challenges

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9th Annual Peak Performance Symposium & TMA Roadshow

Manufacturers are constantly seeking innovative solutions cutting-edge technologies, and reliable partners to enhance their production processes and compete in a global market. Gain exposure and establish valuable connections within the manufacturing industry at this year’s 9th Annual Peak Performance Symposium.


The Symposium will be held at the Smart Factory Institute inside the PIE (Partnerships in Industry & Education) Innovation Center and kicked off by the Tennessee Manufacturers Association Roadshow.

Event will conclude with a manufacturing plant tour of Duracell in Cleveland. Limited tour spots available.


Six Sigma
Process Excellence Training

Provide a comprehensive foundation for process improvement and quality management for your employees. These training courses collectively form a holistic approach to Six Sigma methodology by introducing fundamental concepts, deepen knowledge with problem-solving tools, and providing comprehensive training in process improvement techniques. Together, they create a continuum of expertise and fosters a culture of continuous improvement, allowing organizations to address challenges at various levels and drive operational excellence across the board.

Oct 3: Six Sigma White Belt

Oct 10: Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Oct 23-26 & Nov 13-16: Six Sigma Green Belt

View training calendar and navigate to class date to register your employees.

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Lean Tools & Total Productive Maintenance Training

Reduce waste, increase productivity, and improve overall manufacturing operations performance, driving higher profitability and customer satisfaction. Our Lean Tools and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) training create a powerful synergy and aim to eliminate waste and optimize processes, and maximize equipment efficiency and minimizing downtime. This partnership results in a well-rounded approach to operational excellence, where both people and equipment are operating at their best.

Nov 1-3: Total Productive Maintenance

Dec 4-7: Lean Tools

View training calendar and navigate to class date to register your employees.

We are Peak Performance

We are Peak Performance

About PeakPerformance

Peak Performance is devoted to assisting clients in achieving operational excellence and improving business performance by providing consulting and workforce development training services to businesses across many industries.
Striving for operational excellence is one of the most important contributors to an organization’s sustainable performance and growth. 
Peak Performance understands that a training program is not a one-size-fits-all. Our services are unique as we build our clients’ training from the ground up, customizing the training to our clients’ needs while using real world simulations and experienced instructors from the manufacturing industry.

Achieving peak performance provides the following benefits:

An effective approach to business operations.

An organization that consistently realizes sustainable growth and increasing valuation.

A productive and innovative workforce.

Our Operational Excellence 

Services Encompass Nine Dimensions

The journey to achieving peak performance begins with a framework for developing an operational excellence strategy.
The journey to peak performance for any operation begins with a foundational set of skills that employees can build upon and serves as a basis for supporting additional learning. We offer a solid set of skills training that will not only benefit your entire organization but will also drive the personal success of individual team members.
Today’s industrial revolution is requiring manufacturers to have advanced skills in innovation, digital systems and supply chain network. We understand this need and offer an array of customized training that will equip your employees with a refined set of skills to stay competitive in the global marketplace.
Essential leadership skills are the pinnacle of creating a workplace that elevates all aspects of a manufacturing operation. Achieve peak performance by developing your employees’ skill sets that are necessary to lead and manage in today’s global environments.
Click on any dimension in the pyramid to learn more. You can also visit our PEAK Workforce Training Center to view training classes available for each dimension.

We use customized, modular training offered with flexible schedules to meet business needs, as well as ongoing follow-ups to track improvements.

Our Industrial Skills Services Encompass Four Segments

Today’s production systems require knowledge in Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Technologies.
Peak Performance uses Industry experts to upskill your workforce in ever increasing complex manufacturing systems through our Industrial Skills training which provides customized hands-on application training in Control Systems, Electro-Mechanics, Mechanical CAD and Mechatronics.
Click on each overlapping gear segment to learn more. You can also visit our PEAK Workforce Training Center to view training classes available for each segment.
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Computer Systems
Electrical Systems
Mechanical Systems

Revolutionize your business results by transforming processes into competitive advantages making them leaner, faster, flexible and higher quality.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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"We were the first business (in California) to be certified by PEAK Performance as a “Healthy Business”.  This certification helped us to keep 110 employees working throughout this pandemic without one contracting COVID at our medical manufacturing facility; very few ever got it away from work!  We are proud of our workforces’ response to fighting COVID and doing our part to keep the supply chain moving!"

Leslie Lopez,

Controller, Merrill's Packaging

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