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Training Your Workforce to Meet Tomorrow's Challenges

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Active Shooter Training: Surviving the Violent Encounter - Lunch 'n Learn

Active shooter training is essential for preparing individuals and organizations to respond effectively in the event of a violent attack. This training equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to minimize casualties, protect themselves and others, and assist law enforcement during a crisis.

Mar 5 2024: Active Shooter Training: Surviving the Violent Encounter


Automation, Maintenance,
& Reliability Summit

In the world of maintenance and industrial production, operations are continuing to transform as maintenance professionals are pushed to “digitally transform” and become more data driven. The ultimate goal is to execute effective condition-based maintenance, maximize asset reliability and avoid catastrophic failure, but how is this effectively accomplished? Explore how Industry 4.0 is enabling digital transformation decision-making and the role played by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), robotics, how the numerous existing sensor data can be used sensibly with connectivity, and how all of this leads to reliable control.


The Automation, Maintenance, & Reliability Summit is aimed at plant, production, and manufacturing managers, as well as safety engineers, technical specialists, automation specialists, design/development managers, and system integrators.

Mar 21 2024: Automation, Maintenance, & Reliability Summit

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Total Productive Maintenance Certification

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) programs have been proven to help workers (from plant-floor employees to senior executives) incorporate maintenance into the everyday performance of a facility, detect maintenance problems earlier, "mistake-proof" equipment and reduce breakdowns. After completing this training, participants will have the tools to launch, lead and sustain a systematic equipment and maintenance management improvement process and ensure alignment with overall Environmental, Health and Safety goals

Mar 26 2024: Total Productive Maintenance Certification