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Connecting in a Virtual World

Written by Ryann Norman, Product Development & Marketing Manager for Peak Performance.

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has caused a substantial disruption in the meetings and events industry for billions around the world, forcing many conferences and events to move to a virtual or hybrid platform. Additionally, many organizations are requiring their employees to work from home to adhere to social distancing guidelines that have been rolled out across the globe. While many are now forced to hurdle over numerous technical and organizational challenges, a virtual platform offers advantages of reaching wider audiences, reducing the carbon footprint of meeting travel while also improving diversity and equity among meeting and conference participants.

But at what cost? One word. Connection. Conferences and work events have long been a gold standard for idea exchanges and strengthening of professional relationships. It’s been widely cited that collaborations that have been formed from in person networking have been the ones that have stood the test of time. If you have been to a work conference you know first-hand the advantage of being in a room, face-to-face, with your peers and colleagues. As conferences and meetings begin migrating to a variety of virtual platforms, as far as we know, for the indefinite future, not only are businesses losing the ability to network and build relationships with their clients, but employers are losing touch with their employees as well.

PEAK Performance Launches PEAK Collection Professional Boxes for Virtual Events, Conferences and Networking Events

At Peak Performance, our whole world revolves around face-to-face, in person training and events, and along with numerous other small businesses, we are having to pivot our business model during these difficult times. As we embarked on this new approach, we soon realized the importance of staying connected with clients amid a time when seemingly, a lot of that connection is lost. Our new PEAK Collection Professional Boxes are a simple solution to this problem, with a lasting effect. These boxes provide attendees with a special gift delivered to their door prior to their virtual meeting filled with pre-designed or customized swag that allows you to stay connected with them and show them you care. The goal of your virtual conference or networking event remains the same, deliver your message, drive leads and build adoption, and now, attendees can leave your meeting with a renewed sense of connection.

Not only are PEAK Collection Professional Boxes perfect for virtual events but they are also a great solution for recognizing team members who may be working remotely or engaging with new employees during the onboarding process. Peak Performance will help you design, assemble and distribute your swag boxes prior to any virtual meeting or conference that are sure to grab their attention and build excitement for your upcoming event. To ensure proper feedback of your event, we also create a customized thank you message card for all boxes with survey links or comment sections.

Check out our PEAK Collection and unbox a new experience.

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