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Indiana Manufacturers Association Launches Healthy Business Certification Program

Written by guest blogger Sam Charron, Director of Governmental Affairs, Indiana Manufacturers Association.

Here are some important questions all businesses need to consider moving forward out of the current pandemic. 1) Has your company created a Business Prevention Plan for future workplace infectious disease and pandemic response? 2) Do you want your company to be a leader and example to your community and give your employees confidence in their work environment? 3) Do you want to continually train key personnel on the latest OSHA, CDC and WHO standards?

Over the last year, employers have had to make multiple adjustments to accommodate the pandemic and all it brought with it. For many, this was the first time they had to think differently about infectious diseases and how they can impact the workplace. At the Indiana Manufacturers Association, we know COVID-19 brought challenges to employers and employees across the nation. From reduced hours to complete plant closures, we understand the struggles manufacturers have been through to keep their employees safe, while maintaining operations and staying open for business. We don’t yet know the lasting policy implications and impacts from COVID-19, and we don’t know if/when we can expect another pandemic. In response to this uncertainty, the Indiana Manufacturers Association created a way to help employers ensure they have a plan in place to combat infectious diseases and future pandemics. We want to assist you, as manufacturers, in remaining compliant by providing training to your employees on how to safely continue operations in the midst of a pandemic/epidemic or other health crisis. In partnership with Peak Performance, we've created the “Healthy Business Certification” for employers who want to make certain their employees and businesses are up to date on the latest standards. This training is a 3-hour, virtual instructor-led course that introduces employees to the basic practices of identifying, reducing, eliminating and reporting hazards associated with their work. The training is designed for any worker who wants to acquire knowledge regarding workplace health and pandemic response. Participants will become familiar with the standards and regulations that OSHA, the CDC and the WHO have set in place to ensure all employees function in a healthy work environment. Additionally, participants will receive a ready-made template for creating their own company Business Prevention Plan.

At the completion of the course, and after submission of their company's Business Prevention Plan, participants will receive a Healthy Business Certification letter, certificate, and decal, as well as a digital SHRM badge earning them 0.3 CEUs. Certification is good for one year and must be renewed annually.

We don’t know what’s next, but we want to be sure you are prepared. For more information and to register for an upcoming course, please visit our Healthy Business Certification webpage. For questions, contact Kathy Gundle of the IMA at


Peak Performance is excited to partner with the Indiana Manufacturers Association in this important endeavor and we applaud them for their commitment in keeping industry healthy, informed and open for business. Visit our Healthy Business Series page to find out more about you can protect your business and employees in today's post-pandemic operating environment.

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