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Joey Stokes to Join New Partner, Spyglass, at American Manufacturing Summit in Chicago, IL

American Manufacturing Summit (March 26-27th in Chicago) brings together operations, production, and IT leaders from across the country to explore manufacturing innovation and plant floor optimization.

This year, Joey Stokes, Director of Technical Training at Peak Performance, will be joining new partner, Spyglass, and their team (in the Microsoft booth #41-44) at the event and in round tables and meetings throughout the two-day show.

Joey will be on hand to help highlight our newly formed partnership and convey the shared mission to help manufacturers achieve operational excellence through continuous improvement and digital transformation and ensure they have the right strategies in place for Industry 4.0 across people, processes, and technology.

Key Themes for AMS 2019

Microsoft and Spyglass will help attendees consider and explore real-world solutions available today that enable manufacturers to connect their factory floor to Microsoft Azure to create actionable insights aimed to reduce unplanned time, improve quality, and balance production.

Spyglass Showcases Cognitive AI and IIoT Solutions

Spyglass will showcase the following at the event:

Spyglass Connected Factory. Reduce downtime and improve OEE with production line data.

  • Live demo of Spyglass Connected Factory with PLCs sending data through a Moxa gateway to Spyglass to be visualized in Microsoft Power BI.

  • Customer Success stories of Spyglass Connected Factory.

  • How Spyglass Connected Factory provides a lean implementation and rapid ROI for Microsoft Azure IoT .

Spyglass Visual Inspection. Improve product quality with AI-driven real-time insights.

  • Launch of Spyglass Visual Inspection – a cognitive AI solution that leverages existing vision systems to intelligently minimize defects and improve quality.

  • Customer Success stories of Spyglass Visual Inspection.

  • How Spyglass Visual Inspection can be implemented in less than 60 days to accelerate digital transformation at the plant.

Attending AMS 2019? Stop by booth #41-44 to see how Peak Performance and Spyglass can assist you!

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